The txt.01 –originally named in nahuatl, icpalli (seating)– is a handmade tule seat, made through a complex process that requires complete mastery of the technique. 

txt.01 is one of the unique objects that are still made with the same technology than in the pre-Columbian era, a powerful connection to the past. The forms of the  txt. 01 hold a traditional DNA. txt.ure has honed its style and scale to translate the icpalli into the contemporary design language.

Nowadays, only a few artisans still weave these seats, and the technique is in danger of disappearing. The hope of txt.ure is to prevent this extinction by creating new interest and a new market for this type of Mexican craftsmanship.



Ø 64 Å~ 77 cm / inches? 
100 % Hand woven
in Tule natural fiber
Made in Mexico