Taller ADN will be the txt.ure's workshop that would allow us to positively influence the community of artisans by teaching and experimenting in the making of a pre-hispanic furniture made of tule.

The name "ADN" was the idea of the master artisan's son, which refers to Artesanías Don Nacho / Crafts Don Nacho. We loved the idea since it is a way for us to pay homage to Don Nacho Morales, a master craftsman who for years has not abandoned this incredible craftsmanship and whose expertise in the technique is impressive.

Taller ADN

Dear backers,

We are very excited to share this news with us. After a couple of months of working on legal, structural, architectural and production issues, we officially laid the first stone for txt.ure's workshop!

The architectural project will be in charge of the young Architecture office, Studio Ardavia, led by Architect Alejandra Robles. The workshop will have a dimension of almost 80 m2, equipped with facilities for learning / making furniture, drying the pieces, fumigation, material storage, bathroom, and at the same time, improvements will be made to the existing house of Master Craftsman, Nacho Morales. The design and its construction are based on the industrial architecture that camouflages with its surroundings, very common of the Valley of Toluca.

The construction will conclude in mid-December. We are very excited to close the year with the construction of our social project. Soon we will communicate the evolution of ADN's workshop.


Laying the first stone for txt.ure's workshop

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Meet Cornelio, txt.ure's first apprentice

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Cornelio Osorio Flores is the first txt.ure’s apprentice on making tule stools. The first interaction he had with tule was at the age of 14 years by doing baskets and petates, and two years later his uncle teaches him the technique to make stools.

In the 1970’s when a lot of car factories and multinationals arrived to the area most of the people from this small towns left behind their   crafts to join the corporates. The reasons why they did it was because they were paid better and of the security of receiving a salary month by month.

Cornelio was one those people to join at the Chrysler factory. First, he worked at the motors production chain and then moved to the assembly line. After 15 years of working in the car industry, decides he wants to learn and dedicate to one of his greatest hobbies, haircut. For 30 years now, Don Cornelio has never stopped cutting hair at his house while taking care of his mother. 

In March this year we met him at his house with a beautiful garden. We were looking for new hands, and talked with him about the possibility of joining our team. He accepted in that moment and after 45 years of not touching the tule, he started from scratch to re-learn how to make stools under Nacho Morale's tutelage. Month by month, piece by piece the progress and quality is much more evident. Right now we feel very plenty to see that Don Cornelio is feeling comfortable and happy making stools because for him this way of working at his house at his own time and learning something new with every piece gives him joy and satisfaction.

We cannot express in words how happy and grateful we are to have the support of 150 backers from more than 15 countries. We want to do a very thank to the ones who selected our rewards helping us reach our goal. 

Thank you all!

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