Taller ADN will be the txt.ure's workshop that would allow us to positively influence the community of artisans by teaching and experimenting in the making of a pre-hispanic furniture made of tule.

The name "ADN" was the idea of the master artisan's son, which refers to Artesanías Don Nacho / Crafts Don Nacho. We loved the idea since it is a way for us to pay homage to Don Nacho Morales, a master craftsman who for years has not abandoned this incredible craftsmanship and whose expertise in the technique is impressive.

Taller ADN

Don Cornelio is the first txt.ure's apprentice.

Meet Cornelio, the first txt.ure apprentice

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We cannot express in words how happy and grateful we are to have the support of 150 backers from more than 15 countries. We want to do a very thank to the ones who selected our rewards helping us reach our goal. 

Thank you all!

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