Collection 02.TXT
Barragan Rugs


After one year of intense research, plus another year collaborating with Casa Luis Barragán —located in the neighborhood of Tacubaya in Mexico City— txt.ure team has recovered an extinct technique.This traditional Turkish Knot technique is the result of several time consuming processes that make it a luxurious Design-Craft piece to own.

This laborious weaving process consists of knitting a delicate cotton weave on a loom. Second, a pair of artisans knot the hairs, one by one.

“Craft is knowledgable. Design only enhances the technique into a new state of the art.”

The traditional Turkish Knot weaving system is the result of several processes that make it a capricious piece to own. txt.ure team has enhanced this manual processes through contemporary design methodologies. Always faithful to its original Mexican design.


90% Wool of the finest quality
10 % Cotton
100% Hand woven
Made in Mexico

"Barragán Rugs are woven with top quality wool, one that has delicious textural attributes."

02 TXT. 01

90 (W) x 150 (L) cm / 
35 ( W) x 59 (L) inches
90% wool 10% cotton
100% Hand woven
Made in Mexico


Color Palette 

        Natural Wool                                    Indigo Blue                                           Marine Blue                                      Salt & Pepper Grey           

*Actual colors may present slight alterations, as our dying processes are also artisanal.

Our Throw is an elegant piece of contemporary design. Lined with the famous cotton rebozos from Tenancingo, State of Mexico, the 02 txt.06 is a wearable piece to protect from the cold and bring warmth to every setting, from outdoor terraces to reading rooms. It has the standard scale to be used as a luxurious meditation mat.

02 TXT. 06 - THROW

70 (W) x 170 (L) cm / 
27 ( W) x 67 (L) inches
100% wool, cotton rebozo
100% Hand woven
Made in Mexico


Suggested Care 

All of our rugs embed the soul of our weavers. We suggest special considerations for them: 

Accidents do happen and if you experience a serious spillage, please call our showroom for recommended cleaners.

* Vacuum once a week - When new, Barragán Rugs will shed lint. Use intermediate power for your vacuum, and do not use a cleaner with teeth! 
* If contact with liquids should happen - treat spillages and stains by mopping up the area and using a solution of soft soap in warm water if required. 
* Rotate the rug twice a year - This will also help the rig to fade evenly. Time does inflict changes on the rug! But it makes them more beautiful...
* Professional rug cleaning only
* No dry cleaning