After one year of intense research, plus another year collaborating
                                               with Mexican Architecture landmark Casa Luis Barragán txt.ure´s
                                               (designers + artisans) team has recovered an extinct artisanal woven

Collection 02.TXT
Barragan Rugs


The complicated process of our weaving consists in knitting a delicate cotton weave on a loom. Second, a pair of artisans knot the threads one by one.

The traditional Turkish Knot weaving system, is the result of several processes that
make it a capricious piece to own. txt.ure team has enhanced this manual processes through design methodologies, to create this first Prototype line. Always faithful to its original Mexican design.


90% Wool of the finest quality
10 % Cotton
100% Hand woven
Made in Mexico

"Barragán Rugs are woven with top quality wool, one that has delicious textural attributes."

02 TXT. 01

90 (W) x 150 (L) cm / 
35 ( W) x 59 (L) inches
90% wool 10% cotton
100% Hand woven
Made in Mexico


Color Palette 

             Traditional Crude Wool                                         Melon                                                 Salt & Pepper Grey                                       Marine Blue                

*Actual colors may present slight alterations, as our dying processes are also handmade. 


Suggested Care: 

All of our rugs embed the soul of our weavers. We suggest special cares for them: 

Accidents do happen and if you experience a serious spillage please call our showroom for recommended cleaners.
* Vacuum once a week - When new, Barragán Rugs will shed lint. Use intermediate power for your vacuum, and do not use a cleaner with teeth! 
* If contact with liquids should happen - treat spillages and stains by mopping up the area and using a solution of soft soap in warm water if required. 
* Rotate the rug twice a year - This will also help the rig to fade evenly. Time does inflict changes on the rug! But it makes them more beautiful...
* Professional rug cleaning only
* No dry cleaning